Cabinet de conseil juridique, fiscal et financier

International Juris Consulting

Juridical and fiscal consulting firm in Economic Law, Corporate Law and International Law, our office directed by Mr. Louis Niang, Doctor linked by Corporate law to the Law Faculty of Marrakech and member of the committee of editorial staff of the Moroccan and international magazine of Corporate Law, is constituted by a network of high level jurists with wide national and international experience. This network spreads out in Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, U.S.A., United Arab Emirates, and Singapore. We assure the following services:


The INTERNATIONAL JURIS CONSULTING office assists its customers in the creation of their company and their establishment in Morocco and takes care of all the legal formalities. In this frame:

* We analyze your financial or commercial project and determine with you the most appropriate legal structure and the most adequate tax scheme.

* We then proceed to all the formalities of the creation, advertisement and registration of your company.

* We negotiate and draft the various types of contracts which bind you with your partners.

* We advise on the risks that companies are confronted with in the phase of the constitution.


A network of jurists highly qualified in the various branches of Corporate Law is at your disposal to study, analyze the projects, the problems and the difficulties with which you can be confronted, and look for the appropriate solutions to optimize some and to resolve the others.

Our Cabinet has strong experience and excellent knowledge in the following domains:

* COMPANY LAW : The cabinet advises companies in the operations connected to the functioning of companies, such as the links (fusion, joined ventures, company groups); acquisitions, acquisitions of holdings, reorganizations; organization of the relations between shareholders (shareholders' Pact). It takes care of the legal audit and of the editing of the social acts and the contracts concluded by the client.

* COMMERCIAL LAW : The counseling in commercial law focuses on practical points relative to the commercial activities of the national or foreign investors. The cabinet assists the investors in the covering of the commercial claims debts, the acquisition of commercial asset, development of distribution networks (franchising, exclusivity, commercial agency and other intermediation).

* RIGHT OF COMPETITION: The Cabinet assures the analysis of the legality of the commercial practices and the contracts of its customers towards the right of competition. The management of disputes of unfair competition, commercial parasitism, abuses of the dominant position and restrictive practices.

* BANKING AND FINANCIAL LAW : The cabinet intervenes regularly to assist banks and companies on the occasion of any financial and banking operations (banking financing, issues on the national or international level or of actions and obligations, investment of titles and transferable securities).

* MARITIME AND AIR LAW: The Cabinet advices the maritime and air companies on their foreign operations, it intervenes in case of dispute.

* LABOR LAW : The Cabinet assists its clients in all the domains of the Labor Law and the social welfare, in their individual and collective aspects (employment contracts, dismissals, etc.).


We assure a dynamic management of your accounting, analyze and steer your tax system towards the best choices.

We assist you with the fiscal administration both for your declarations and for your possible disputes.


The cabinet assists and advises companies in their pre-contentious and contentious relations.

We intervene on the main disputes of the corporate law, either on the national or the international level.

We manage your disputes with your economic partners (associates, banks, suppliers, customers), or with the Administration.

For that purpose, we display all our know-how to confine the consequences, and in defect manage with our partners lawyers the judicial disputes if it arrives to that point.


The cabinet is one of the leaders in the assistance and the counseling in international business law; it has very strong experience in the legal management of the operations of international trade.

We assist you in all your export and import operations with the United States of America, the European Union, the United Arab Emirates or Africa. In this objective we assure a diligent management of all the phases of the operation (the pre-contractual period; the contract period; and post contractual period). We protect you against the risks connected to the operations of international trade.

Our assistance can go to the identification of a market, the search for a partner for the import or export, the bank financing, and the legal and customs follow-up of the operations.

A good knowledge of the Agreements of Free Exchanges (A.L.E) concluded by Morocco will be put at your service to optimize your activity.


Legal counseling to the foreign investors is one of the specialties of the cabinet which accompanies and assists its international customers in the establishment of their investments in Morocco.

We inform our customers about the best forms of investment, and about the legal frame of the foreign investments in Morocco.

We study carefully and in an exhaustive way your investment projects and assist you in the choice and the negotiation with your financial or commercial partners.


The Cabinet intervenes for Moroccan and foreign clients to assure the protection of their right of intellectual property. It treats, both on the negotiation and dispute stages, as to filing of brands, copyright, computer and new technologies, patents, drawings and model. It notably assures the national and international deposit of patents and brands


The cabinet has an exceptional competence in arbitrage. We intervene in internal and international arbitrage within the framework of institutional procedures of arbitrage and procedures ad hoc. We also represent our customers in front of arbitration authorities.


The cabinet carries big interest in the activities of offshore oil rigs which require one the intervention of jurists who understand international law thoroughly.

We assist you in the setting-up and the follow-up of your holding companies in the offshore zone.

We assist you in the follow-up and the optimization of your industrial establishment in the offshore zone, and accompany you in your re-exportation operations.


Professional Experience


(Since 2006) Juridical and fiscal consulting firm in Economic Law, Corporate Law and International Law

Professor "LAW FACULTY " -Marrakech

(2004 – 2005) Business law in the third cycle

Chairman and Founder "DELTA ENERGY INVESTMENTS LTD" -London

(2002 - 2004) Specialized in "Consulting" in transactions relative to fossil fuel.

Corporate International Consultant "TANKER OIL & GAS "

(2000 – 2002) Represented the company in Irak, Angola and Gabon.

President "NCCM (New Canadian Computer Manufacturers)" -Toronto

(1998 – 2000) Fabricated computers and software under the brand "BABY BLUE”

President - Director General "FINEXPORT INTERNATIONAL S.A." -Luxembourg

(1996 - 2000) Company specialized in brokerage, legal and technical assistance relative to any transactions of fossil fuels. (This company under my presidency was granted the best «OUT OF KINGDOM CONTRACTOR » by SAUDI ARAMCO

President Director General and Founder "AZUR VENDING S.A."

(1993 - 1996) Distribution of equipment and foodstuffs intended for hotels and communities.

Director of Law Department "GROUPE GESTEL" -Luxembourg

(1985 -1992) European Holding whose interests are in:

* The electronics industry (in France and in the Luxembourg)

* The Aircraft industry (in France and in the United States)

* The real-estate development (in Spain)


(1984 - 1985) In charge of the law course in the Faculty of Law of Montpellier


1985 - Doctorate in International Business Law

1983 - Postgraduate legal qualification of lawyer (C.A.P.A) major of the Promotion

* Training Centre of Lawyers in Montpellier

1982 - Post Graduate Studies in Public law. (Constitutional law – Administrative law - economic public law)

* Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Law (Major of the Class) Faculty of law and Economics of Montpelier

1981 - Graduate of Terminology and juridical English translation

* Faculty of Juridical and Economic Sciences of Strasbourg

1981 - Master of Law

* Faculty of law and Legal and economic Sciences of Strasbourg

1980 - Licence in right

* Faculty of law and Legal and economic Sciences of Strasbourg

1977 - High School Diploma Serie C ( Physics – Math)